Useful links

Motorcycle Travellers

(I'll only list those I've directly been in contact with so far. Many more can be found at )

Nat Crewe - AMChallenge (The Americas)
(incidentally the former owner of my bike)
Paulo Ambrogi (RTW)
Jeanette Sabus (Latin America)
Peter and Kay Forwood (RTW)
Erwin Thoma (RTW)
Helge Pedersen (RTW)
Bente Brathen and Dag Jenssen
Chris Bright (RTW)
Montreal - Ushuaia a moto

Travel Information

Horizons Unlimited (Lots of information!!)
Bernd Tesch Globetrottzentrale
Adventure Motorcycling Website
Sahara Travel Information
Motorcycle Vacation Guide
The World Travel Guide Online
H-C Travel Motorcycle Tours + Rentals
Historical Weather Database
Yahoo! Weather
Lonely Planet Online
CIA World Factbook 1999
Fielding's Danger Finder
List of Internet Cafes
The people to see when in Loreto, Mexico

Motorcycle + Equipment Information

Beard's Motorcycle Links (lots of info !!)
Africa Twin Internetional Connection
Motorcycle Online
Aerostich Riderwear
African Queens Enduro Special Parts
Hein Gericke