It looks like we have most of our equipment assembled. Apart from a couple of details, the bikes are ready and lookin' sharp, flight plans are beginning to seriously take shape and sponsors are obviously en extinct species. The really good news is that on the 22nd of June, we're taking off for a 10-day test run through Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Since both the bikes and ourselves are currently in the Czech Republic (where we will continue to work until end of July), that's not quite as far as it sounds. The plan is to ride from Prague to Budapest, on to the Carpathian Mountains through Slovakia into Poland, visit Krakow and head back to Prague. Initially we intended to do our test run in France, but after visiting Warsaw (for a Tom Waits concert, no less), we were so impressed with the friendliness of the Poles that we decided to go back, even if we might have to cut down our vodka consumption this time. A trip report will be available as soon as we are back.