Sardinia, 2nd-10th of October 2004

We had chosen Sardinia for three reasons : The food, the weather and the roads, all three of which were supposed to be great. They were. Say no more….

On the practical side, we had rented 2 BMW 650 GS which were quite appropriate for the terrain, although the roads are certainly good enough to consider renting something a bit more energetic. The rental company, CIMT, (mail to Francesco at actually brought the bikes to the airport where we picked them up upon arrival, it was all very convenient and well organized. We rode more or less clockwise around the island, taking it easy and enjoying the almost completely empty scenery, tourist season being over in Sardinia by the end of September.

As we’ve said before, this kind of trip is a perfect short vacation format for us as it avoids losing time getting our bikes from Luxembourg to wherever it is we’re going. Also, we have the opportunity to test different bikes, but still, we are very much looking forward to riding our own old goats again (my Africa Twin is at 120.000 km now, it’s starting to become a bit brittle), probably for a one-week ride up to Scotland in July 2005.

Manou & Ellen