Antalya, 24th of April
to 2nd of May 2004



The by now almost usual format : Fly somewhere, rent bikes, ride around, try not to hurt yourself too much, fly back home. This time though, we (four of us) rode Yamaha WR450 F’s and we had a full-time guide, Erol, who certainly did his very best to identify the limits of our respective techniques. Personally, steep hills are not my specialty, neither up nor down, especially if they are so steep that vertigo kicks in…




It was a fun week, we learnt quite a lot about dirt riding, and having an experienced guide was great because some of the tracks we rode would have been inaccessible even to a GPS-savvy mountain goat. Our base was in Antalya, not much to be said about it, fairly typical tourist beach town with a nice fortress that we didn’t get around to visit. Culture is usually not our main preoccupation when travelling with the firm intention to scare ourselves as much as possible.


The company we booked with can be found at, definitely recommended if you want to get off the beaten track. They now also offer KTM’s.

Good luck and steep trails.