Name : Manou Emringer
Date of Birth : September 15th 1970
Nationality : Luxembourg
Interests : Travelling, motorcycling (obviously!!), skydiving, snowboarding.
E-mail :

Former travels : Canada, Rafting in Lapland, Horseriding in Siberia, Kenya, and Argentina, Motorcycle trips in Europe, the USA and Mexico, Backpacking in Australia and Brazil, Cruises in the Caribbean and Alaska, Travels all around Europe.

Places of residence :
1970 - 1991 Luxembourg
1991 - 1994 Montpellier, France
1994 - 1995 Paris, France
1995 - 1996 Newark, Delaware, USA
1996 - 1997 Luxembourg
1997 - 2000 Prague, Czech Republic
2000 - 2001 http :

I just want to say, this was not my idea. Blasting over the planet on a motorcycle ( which, after road warrior modifications and a spray-can paint job, is more beast than bike) through storms, mountain curves, and stormy-mountain-curves; through wind gusts filled with sand, broken highways, and gusty- sand-broken- highways seemed to me a strange proposal to make to a girl who has a hard time balancing on a barstool sometimes but well, how could I possibly resist?

A little background:
I left the States the summer of 1997 to meander around and explore other countries. Originally I intended to spend only a year away and then return back to my friends and job in Seattle. Six months and 15 countries later, I started working in Prague developing commercial real estate.

Other Things I Like to Do : video games, scuba-diving, chess,
traveling, and skydiving.

Cheers All,

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